Friday, November 30, 2007

Using tradeshows to find a sales rep

April is planning to attend her first tradeshow, Magic, this spring. If the event is a success, she wants to find a sales rep to help build distribution. Her question: Do I scout out the LA Mart and other large cities with this type of exposure or is there another way?

To find a sales rep, I have a single word of advice: network. (Well, actually I’ll say a little more!) I recommend using this tradeshow as an opportunity to speak with buyers, exhibitors, and sales reps to find the right person.

  • Store owners – Ask store owners or buyers for the names of sales reps who they have a great relationship with.
  • Exhibitors – Speak with other tradeshow exhibitors for recommendations. They may also be able to fill you in on who not to use.
  • Sales reps – Sometimes sales reps will walk right into your booth interested in selling your product.
  • Trade magazine listings – Many trade magazines have work opportunities posted at the back of the magazine. Look at the publication that is most appropriate for your industry and place an ad.
  • Customers – Something we experienced with Robeez: people who love your product can do a great job of selling it. Many of Robeez early reps were moms and grandmas who loved the shoes and wanted to bring them to their home market.
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Nancy said...

Hi Sandra!
Your product is fantastic....
I am near launching my cotton diaper product. What trade shows do you suggest I attend? I am having difficulty looking them up on the Internet.
Thanks again!