Friday, November 30, 2007

Good bye, adios, au revoir

Today is my final day with Robeez. And my final blog post. It’s been very rewarding to hear each of your stories and offer insight where I can. I will leave this blog as an archive for future reference that you can come back to as your businesses grow and change over time.

Although this is the end of an era for me and I’m feeling sad, I’m looking forward to a nice, quiet time over the holidays with family and friends. But I guess life with a 15-year-old can only be so quiet!

I wish each of you the best with your businesses and hope that you find the experience as rewarding as I have.

Sandra Wilson

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PinkPowerSuit said...

You've given a wonderful resource, Sandra! What a pioneer you are for Canadian mom entrepreneurs. You are often the success story moms point to. I hope the new owner of links to your many helpful articles!

Take care and have fun! :-)

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