Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Robeez case study

Lately, I’ve received a number of emails from moms wanting to know how to get their idea off paper and into production. I can best answer this question by sharing with you what I did.

A couple years ago Industry Canada did a case study on Robeez. This is a very detailed document and contains some valuable information about how I got started. I think it will be useful to many of you that are just getting started. Have a look at the case study.

One of the mom’s emails also asked specifically about patents. She states, “Almost a year ago I had an appointment with a patent lawyer to discuss and idea I had to improve baby bottles. He relayed all the steps I would have to take and the fees I would endure. This of course scared me off. I am thinking of just producing a small lot of bottles and trying to distribute them.”

First of all, this is what patent lawyers do. It may have scared you off but at least now you have a complete understanding of what is involved. Second, manufacturing a prototype or small production run may just be the place to start. This allows you to do some market research. Talk to moms who will give you honest feedback. Talk to store owners who you would like to carry your product and see if they feel it is a viable business idea. Armed with their feedback, you can make an educated decision about whether to take the chance and move forward with your business.

Thanks to Rochelle, Jennifer & Karen for their questions.add to sk*rt

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