Friday, November 23, 2007

Launching a new website

This email comes from a mom who wants to start an online store. Here’s her story: “If you Google ‘starting an online boutique’ you can imagine how much stuff comes up. I have no idea which sites are legit and which isn’t. I really just need some information on where to begin.”

Start at the beginning - What do you want to sell?

Online sales are extremely competitive. Price matching is just a few clicks away. You need to consider how your site will differentiated from the rest of the pack. What is your niche? How will your website service the market in a way no other does. Having a clear vision will keep you on track and allow you to put together a complete business plan.

Get educated - Take a course

Once you have determined what your business will be, a course at a local college can be very beneficial. You will learn the basics of web design and ecommerce and the behind-the-scenes activities such as accounting and purchasing that will be needed to make it all run smoothly. One course may not give you all the answers but it’s a great place to start. And a great place to network!

Good luck getting started.

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