Friday, November 23, 2007

Ready to start selling?

This is a cool idea…folded plastic vases. I received an email from the creator, Jill Stern. She has gotten the vases into a few boutiques but wants to know how to get to mass merchandisers and large floral chains. Supplying the product

First of all, it’s important to figure out if you are able to supply a mass chain. If you get the contract but can’t fulfill the order, you risk losing credibility.

Find a contact

Get on the phone and find out the buyer’s name. Can you make an appointment? Send a sample and information package.

Put on your sales hat

Once you have the contact, sell your product. If you’re not comfortable with sales, finding an independent sales rep can be the best solution. There are many gift and home accessory shows where you can meet buyers face-to-face. (Here’s a great list.)

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