Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Helping mompreneurs do their homework

Sandra is a big believer in learning; ask questions, do your research, know your subject in and out. If you’ve stumbled across this blog, it’s likely that you’re already on the right track. While Sandra is away on vacation and unavailable to answer specific questions, I want to help make research a little easier, so I’ve pulled together some of our favourite online resources for mompreneurs.

Websites that cover various subjects of interest to mompreneurs:
Women Entrepreneur – This website is part of Entrepreneur Magazine group. It includes articles about everything from compensating your sales reps to selecting the right tradeshow.
Empower Women Now – This blog covers topics that very current; everything is clearly and thoroughly explained.
Mompreneur Center – Another great source from Entrepreneur Magazine. This section focuses specifically on topics for entrepreneurial moms.

Websites with information for entrepreneurs specific to your region:

If you have a favourite mompreneur resource to share, please write a comment.
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Anonymous said...

Hi! Portland Mamas Inc.(tm) is a great resource, not just for local mom entrepreneurs in the Portland, OR area, but anywhere! Coming soon to a city near you!

Anonymous said...

Oops - forgot the link: said... is Mom's FREE Business Mentor, offering a wealth of free tools and information to inspire and empower mom entrepreneurs just starting out in small business.

I welcome moms to join our new social networking (a la Facebook) site: to meet other business women, and build fun relationships.

Sandra, I think this is a very smart idea on your part to start a blog to help other mom entrepreneurs. Your post about pricing was excellent and I'd love to reprint it on my website, with your permission.


Natasha Clark

Ponn Sabra said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Looks like you have a great start here--Congrats!

Thanks so humbly for including my personal website/blog to your list; and my next dearest [since I'm a columnist for them ;-) ]

At, I started an annual Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Blog (just run a search once you're there).

But, mompreneur-specific: hands-down the #1 Home-Based Working Moms organization/website one of the oldest on the web (possibly the oldest) started in 1995 [Lesley Spencer-Pyle, dear colleague/friend, also is a columnist at]

2nd would be launched in 1997. They coined the term "mompreneur".

Hope I helped ;-)

As for Q & A; I'm always opened to this as well! Just drop me a line :-)