Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back From Safari

Robert, Jim, and I have returned from Africa. It was so refreshing to spend time together as a family. No phones, no computers, no television, no video games. Just nature; it was amazing! One of the camps we visited in Botswana was just paces away from a watering hole. I watched my teenage son sit for hours and watch animals. The warthogs, wildebeests, giraffes, and impalas that visited midday kept his attention the way video games usually do. The off-season was the perfect time to visit. Much quieter, fewer people, lots of time together as a family.

But now back to work. I’m up and running again with the blog. Please send in your question and I’m happy to answer them. A few of you wrote while I was away. I will post responses to those questions over the next couple weeks.

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Retro Housewife said...


I just got the Robeez newsletter which mentioned your new blog, so I thought I would stop by and say hello!

Love your shoes, btw... even though they don't really fit me! ;=)

The Retro Housewife

anglswngs said...

Hi! I also just saw the link to your blog. I just entered the world of blogging myself. I quite enjoy it. What an exciting trip you must have had! There is a movie called "The Power of One" with Morgan Freeman and Steven Dorff from the early 90's that is about apartheid in South Africa. Quite a moving film...a must-see!
Anyway...I am not yet a "momtrepeneur" but have been recently convicted to support orphans in the Ukraine and Russia. They need so much!

My blog is a mere fledgling but come visit!

Debbie L

Hannah said...

I also saw the link to your blog and thought I'd come by. I adore your shoes, but I think my daughter loves them even more. She walks faster in them than her walking shoes.

How wonderful that you went to Africa. We went on a safari to South Africa and Swaziland summer 2005 and I actually conceived my daughter while I was there. Be sure to check out "The Power of One". I actually just finished the book.

If you get the chance, I'd love to see more photos of your trip!