Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Wilson’s Family Vacation

For the next three weeks, I am trading my cel phone, BlackBerry, and blog in exchange for a safari hat and a few glasses of tasty South African wine. I am headed to Africa for a long-awaited vacation with my husband and son. While there, we will visit the Cape Town area of South Africa and then off to Botswana on safari.

But don’t worry; while I am away “Motherly Advice” will continue to run. Kelly from Robeez’ communications team will be at your service to coordinate answers to some of your questions courtesy of the other experts at Robeez and will save the rest for my mid-July return.

Vacation makes me think about balance. While I’m away, I encourage you to think of a way you can incorporate a little “me” time into your week. It may not be a vacation but even five quiet minutes to sit and drink your coffee at the beginning of your day can make all the difference in a hectic life. I think it is so important to find balance in your life as a mom and an entrepreneur. In the early days of Robeez, I would escape by going for a run with friends. I got an hour filled with conversation and endorphins, and an hour without a phone call or a shout for “MOMMM-MMMYYY.”

Enjoy the start of summer. Look for my next post in mid July.add to sk*rt


Westcoastbaby said...

That sounds like a wonderful vacation. It is soooo easy to become unbalanced in this industry. Someimes I find very hard to turn off work but when I do it is so worth it. I also try to remind myself that my two kids will only be little for a short time and I really dont want to look back on their childhood as one big blur.

Thanks for the great advice, and have a fabulous vacation with your family!

Westcoast baby

Mompreneur said...

What a nice blog with great advice!
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What would you advise to business women who (or wants to) manufacture locally?

Rodrigo said...

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stampinsars said...

this picture is gorgeous... did you take it? please share some more photos of your vacation now that you are home safe and sound!